Friday, November 26, 2010

Westward bound

In about an hour, we're heading to Incheon to the airport.  I'm relieved we are heading home.

This morning, we cared for the infants in the orphanage here at Eastern.  It was hard to hear them crying, but harder to leave.  Many of them had runny noses and colds--they were miserable. I found a little guy in the corner with dried snot all over his face who was burning up red from crying so hard.  We walked down the hall and rocked and I was praying for him and wondering how his life might unfold. 

I wondered if he might come back to Korea one day and realize some of the things that I have on this mission trip--that the reach and design of God's plan is infinite and that we are wholly finite.  That there is no such place where wholeness is achieved--at least no concrete place.  That when the Lord tugs on your heart, it is useless to resist.  We do not need to know the reasons why we do the things we do; that's why it's service.  We do not need to know so many questions that may haunt us.  What I have learned, personally, on this trip is that there is one answer for every question, but that some answers are questions in and of themselves.

It was a remarkable trip.  We traveled across the world to give love to children who will never remember us.  Isn't that exactly the kind of selfless love we all seek?  Isn't it amazing that this is the love we receive daily and still can't keep it all in perspective?

Heading home.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  Keep it going, especially for Tash as we have a long, long trip ahead of us.


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  1. Safe travels, friends. We'll pray you're able to rest a bit before you have to hit the ground running!