Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Arrival

We're here.  We landed around 4:30pm local time.  We made it to Eastern Social Welfare House around 6:30pm. 

The flight was 12 hours and I use the term "hour" loosely.  We were up there a while.  That makes about 20 hours of travel in the last two days for us.  Tash was able to sleep here and there and has been feeling okay.  I slept 20 minutes in 20 hours.  You could say we were a little tired when we made it to our room last night.

We were surprised to find out that our guest room is on the third floor, right beside the LOVE THE CHILDREN wing where the babies are cared for.  We heard them crying all night.  It was tempting for us to want to care for one. 

Meeting my birth mother in 3 hours.  More later. 

Jae and Tash

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