Sunday, November 28, 2010


We're back in B-town.  Things feel pretty normal: Jaina wants me to fly her around on a "magic carpet ride" (her blanket folded) and the Bills lost another heartbreaking game.  Ah, home.

Thanks again for your prayers.  We are tired (42 hour Saturdays do that), but happy to be home.  I look forward to sharing the events of the trip with you all--privately, one at a time, and promise to tell you stories about a week that felt like a month, about a trip that felt like a dream, about all the strange and wonderful things we saw in route to and from Korea.

Just like a father folding his daughter's blanket with perfect symmetry for the third magic carpet ride in an hour, Our Father is folding our lives with perfect balance, with delicate hands.

Peace and love,

Jae and Tash

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